The Cloud & The Brush it was Painted With (2017)

by Dave & Amanda Herring




/////JUNE 13, 2017/////

We're so excited to share 13 new songs written by Dave and performed by Dave & Amanda. These songs mostly reflect three things: being together almost a decade, having a family, and living the 30's. Filled with trials and triumphs, this album should encourage anyone in a similar season of life, as well as give everyone else something to look forward to or remember.

This is the first personal album Dave has released since 2010. A lot has changed since then. We think you'll hear that. This is also their first album as a couple, detached from prior bands or just under Dave's name.

Stayed tuned for more!


released June 13, 2017

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Dave Herring.



all rights reserved


Dave & Amanda Herring Charlottesville, Virginia

Dave & Amanda Herring are just two normal people who write music and play instruments, some fairly unique. Their songs are songs are honest & transparent, like songs should be. You will find them singing about life change, growing up, and finding fulfillment in family. The couple often lead worship for church events nationwide. They live in Charlottesville, where Dave leads worship for The Point. ... more

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Track Name: Where You Are
I look at you and I can see
Everything I wanted to be
You can’t go back and live the past
You can’t go back to walk the streets

Wish that I could be where you are
See the world through a little boys heart
Wish that I could be where you are
Where you are

I think of how you’re gonna grow
My time moves fast and yours move slow
Broken dreams and broken bones
A broken home you’ll never know

Well I’m at peace with it
At least a piece of it
The peace in knowing that life has brought me here
Track Name: I’m the Greatest Liar I’ve Ever Known
What you said didn't hurt me
I'm unshakable
I can keep a friend for all my life
And the stars they are more lovely
When the air is cold
And it's good to hide yourself within the night

I truly care every time you have my ear
I know you can see it on my face

I tell myself that I am constantly ok
That all will be made right before too long
I tell myself that I am winning in this race
But I’m the greatest liar I’ve ever known
I’m the greatest liar I’ve ever known

I’m a faithful companion
I don’t manipulate
And I never really seem to get my way
I’m as wide as a canyon
I walk a path that’s straight
And I’ve never ever had an awful day

I’m so content with everything I have
This world, it is such an easy place

I like to say what makes everyone happy
It's been said that I have a silver tongue
If I ever tell you lies it’s so you’ll like me
And if I get found out, well baby I run, run, run